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Innovative Challenge for Adhesive Experts


  • What type of project can be submitted?


    All projects created with MACtac products are eligible for the MACtac Creative Awards. These projects must

    - present a certain level of quality and creativity

    - fall within one of the five predefined categories for this contest

    - not have any pornographic, racist, violent or offensive connotations.

    Any project that violates this rule will be systematically excluded.

  • What are the 5 predefined project categories for the contest?
    • Vehicles  (lettering, complete or partial wrapping of cars, motorcycles, aircraft, trains, buses, etc.)
    • Boats (complete or partial wrapping of the hull)
    • Urban decoration (bus shelters, sidewalks)
    • Non-promotional interior decoration
    • Interior and exterior decoration of outlets



  • What are the evaluation criteria considered by the jury?
    • Innovation (unprecedented, ingenious, audacious, challenging)
    • Impact (emotional, attractive, which that sells)
    • Design (beatiful, artistic, trendy)


  • How many projects can be submitted by one candidate?

    There is no limit. You can submit as many projects as you like. We advise that if you would like to propose more than one project, you submit them at different times so that they do not compete against one another.

  • How do I submit a project?

    Candidates must create their space in order to submit their projects. It is quick and easy. Simply let yourself be guided through the fields that need to be completed. 

    A.      CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT OR CONNECT using your Facebook, Google or Twitter ID to submit a project and/or to vote.

     B.      DESCRIBE YOUR CREATION By giving as much useful information as possible to the jury and the public, such as the work carried out, difficulties you encountered, explain how your project is creative, in which way it meets the criteria of INNOVATION (unprecedented, ingenious,  audacious, challenging) – of IMPACT (emotional,  attractive, which sells) – and of DESIGN (beautiful, artistic, trendy). By identifying the MACtac product(s) you used in the designated fields.

    By filling in the space provided to enable you to give as much information as possible about your project. 

    Photos: Submit a minimum of 3 framed photos with good definition, preferably in .jpeg format with a minimum resolution of 772 x 584 pixels. When uploading photos to the website, you will have access to a feature that allows you to to refocus your photos to highlight certain details, for example. 
    D.      Videos: videos are optional but they are recommended because they allow the jury and the public to identify all aspects of the work. To upload the video you simply copy the YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion link of your video into the 'video' field.

     E.       VERIFY YOUR DATA. When you have entered all the data related to your project, you can verify before confirming its submission. 

    F.       VALIDATE THE SUBMISSION OF YOUR PROJECT or PUT IT ON HOLD: Have you finished filling in the required fields and verified your data? You have two options:

    a.       Click on the button 'validate the project' - your project is now awaiting validation by our moderator who must ascertain that the project meets the eligibility criteria in terms of quality and creativity, before going online and being put to the vote.

    b.      Save your project without validating its submission. Your project will only be sent when you decide to validate it. 

  • Can I interrupt the submission of a project and return to it later without losing the data that has already been encoded?

    Yes. The MACtac Creative Awards website was designed to simplify your life as much as possible. Regular backups are made at each stage of the submission process of a project. You can also save the data yourself as you input it. This will allow you to stop the submission of a project at any time and return to it later without losing the data you have already entered.

  • How does the voting system work?

    Once a project is submitted by a candidate, our moderator will verify that it meets the required criteria of creativity and quality. Once approved by our moderator, the project is available online and will simultaneously be put to the vote by an independent professional jury and by the public for a period of 10 days. At the end of these 10 days the project gets its final score.  The jury's votes represent 60% of the total score. The public vote represents 40% of the total score. Members of the jury are automatically notified when a new project arrives on the website. Five members are then invited to vote for the submitted project. The jury is made up of professionals from different nationalities and professions, with links to graphics, creativity and design. Their profile is available on the MACtac Creative Awards website. The public can vote for projects online by logging onto the site via their Facebook or Twitter ID, or by creating a MACtac Creative Awards user account.

  • What prizes are awarded?

    Project of the Day 

    The project is put to the vote for 10 days. At the end of these 10 days the project gets its final score. Each day, the project that has received the most votes from the eligible projects is elected 'Project of the Day'. Results are made up of four categories   Gold: for projects awarded a score of 90% Silver: for projects awarded a score between 80 and 90% Bronze: for projects awarded a score between 70 and 80%  'Participation': for projects awarded a score lower than 70%

     Project of the Month A 'Project of the Month' elected in each of the 5 categories among the 'Project of the Day' and assigned to the project that recorded the highest score over the preceding month.

  • What do the winners receive?

    Prize of the Day 

    The winner of the 'Project of the Day' will receive a digital MACtac Creative Awards Project of the Day certificate and a printed diploma.  

    The digital certificate allows the recipient to identify him/herself on a website or in emails as the winner of MACtac Creative Awards.

    The certificate and diploma will reflect the score level achieved (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Participation)

    Prize of the Month

    Winners of the 'Prize of the Month' will each receive a MasterCard giftcard of 500 € and an official certificate.

    Prize of the Year

    Winners of the 'Prize of the Year' will each receive a MasterCard giftcard of 1 000 € and an official certificate.

  • Can I propose creations that do not use MACtac products?

    The MACtac Creative Awards contest aims to reward projects created wholly or in part (to be specified) using MACtac products. Projects that do not use any MACtac products are not eligible. Projects carried out with self-adhesive products of different brands but also include the MACtac brand will be evaluated by our moderator and accepted or rejected, based on the representation of MACtac products in the project.

  • Can I propose a project created prior to the current year?

    Yes. Projects created prior to the current year can be submitted on the MACtac Creative Awards platform, as long as the submitted project has not already been awarded a prize in previous contests organized by MACtac. If you have already submitted a project during a previous contest organized by MACtac, but it did not receive a prize, you can try your luck again in the MACtac Creative Awards contest.

  • Who are the members of the jury?

    The jury is made up of professionals from different nationalities and professions, with links to graphics, creativity and design. The Jury for the Creative MACtac Awards includes journalists, designers, architects, decorators, agency communication managers, creative people, marketing managers, teachers of graphic arts, and even designers. Their profile is available on the MACtac Creative Awards website.

    There are many nationalities represented. The jury members are French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Australian, etc.

    This diversity of professions and nationalities gives a guarantee of impartiality and neutrality to the votes of the jury.

  • Can I vote for multiple projects?

    Yes, it is possible to vote for multiple projects.

  • Do I have to pay to submit a project?

    No. Participation in the MACtac Creative Awards contest is completely free, regardless of the number of projects you submit.

  • Can I ask my acquaintances to vote for a project?

    Yes. That is precisely what we recommend you do! Motivate your community!  Family, friends, acquaintances or professional associates - show them what you do, put your achievements under the spotlight, and invite your acquaintances to vote for your projects.

  • How can I filter the projects?

    MACtac Creative Awards offers a feature to perform targeted searches on all the projects presented on the website: projects can be sorted by country, date and category.

  • Can I compete in several categories?

    Yes, it is quite possible to propose several projects in the same category or in different categories. However, we draw your attention to the fact that if you present several projects at the same time, it is possible that your projects will compete with one other. It is best to submit your projects a few days apart.

  • Can I be informed of the rating of different judges?

    The jury's ratings are an average of points awarded by jury members who voted for a project. Individual votes do not appear on the MACtac Creative Awards website.

  • Can I vote several times for the same project?

    No, this is not permitted.

  • In which language should the project be submitted?

    The project description and comments should be written in English.

  • How can I challenge a project submitted on behalf of my business?

    In principle this should not happen because your account is secured by your password. However, if someone in your company with access to your MACtac Creative Awards account should propose a project that you do not want to compete, you can use the 'contact' link to inform us.