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Innovative Challenge for Adhesive Experts


  • Mactac Creative Awards – What is it?

    Mactac Creative Awards is a contest open to all users of Mactac products, who wish to put their creations forward.  Proposed projects that are posted on the Mactac Creative Awards collaborative platform are put to the vote by a professional jury and by the general public.

  • Who can register and compete?

    All professional candidates who have used MACtac adhesive film to carry out one or more projects in the areas of interior and exterior decoration, visual communication, boat wrapping vehicle wrapping (cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, buses, helicopters, etc.) Once registered on the MACtac Creative Awards website, each professional candidate will have a space dedicated to his/her business. Submitted projects can also be viewed in this space. It will be your shop window to showcase your work and connect with potential clients.

  • Mactac – Who are we?

    Mactac is a global company with production site in Europe, that has always been driven by innovation, discovering future customer needs and developing new products.

    Mactac Products complement and enhance your creative talent. With a huge range of innovative and high quality self-adhesive films, MACtac has become the reference material in the field of  graphics, visual communication, indoor and outdoor decoration , product identification, POS, car wrapping and boat wrapping.

  • Why should I submit a project to MACtac Creative Awards?

    To increase your visibility, boost your reputation and grow your customer base. So many reasons to register and put your achievements under the spotlight! Once you register on the MACtac Creative Awards site as a professional candidate, you will have a dedicated space for your business, a space to which every visitor to the site will have access. This space, a real 'company record' will hold your firm's full contact details as well as a contact button that allows any interested visitor to get in touch with you.   Whether they have been awarded a prize or not, all the projects you upload to the MACtac Creative Awards website will be and will remain visible in your company profile. Being present on the MACtac Creative Awards website is to benefit from a free shop window that is out of the ordinary to showcase your work, your skills, liaise with your community and develop your customer base.

  • How can I change the details of my firm?


    It is quick and easy. Log on to the website with your username and password. Click on 'edit my profile'. You will be able to change your details at any time. 

  • What is a favorite?

    When you 'like' a project by clicking on a heart, this project is automatically added to your list of favorites, namely projects that have particularly caught your attention.  Thus, you can find projects easily that you particularly enjoyed and want to view again or share

  • How do I add a project to my favorites?

    To add a project to your list of favorites, simply click on the heart icon located above the project in question.

  • How can I become a partner of MCA?

    Do you wish to benefit from the exposure offered by a website such as the MACtac Creative Awards contest and become a partner of MACtac Creative Awards? Contact us!  Use the 'contact' link and send your partnership proposal. A reply will be sent to you very quickly.

  • Can a business candidate have several people connected to the MCA account?

    Yes.  A business can allow several employees to access their company account on the MACtac Creative Awards account website. These people must necessarily have an email address that is linked to the company website domain name. E.g.  the email addresses of people with access to this business account should be For each person linking to a business account, an information email will be sent to the reference person of this company.