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Innovative Challenge for Adhesive Experts




What prizes are awarded?

Project of the Day

The project is put to the vote for 10 days. At the end of these 10 days the project gets its final score. Each day, the project that has received the most votes from the eligible projects is elected 'Project of the Day'. Results are made up of four categories   Gold: for projects awarded a score of 90% Silver: for projects awarded a score between 80 and 90% Bronze: for projects awarded a score between 70 and 80%  'Participation': for projects awarded a score lower than 70% .

Project of the Month  

A 'Project of the Month' elected in each of the 5 categories among the 'Project of the Day' and assigned to the project that recorded the highest score over the preceding month.  

What do the winners receive?

Prize of the Day

The winner of the 'Project of the Day' will receive a digital MACtac Creative Awards Project of the Day certificate and a printed diploma.  

The digital certificate allows the recipient to identify him/herself on a website or in emails as the winner of MACtac Creative Awards.

The certificate and diploma will reflect the score level achieved (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Participation)  

Prize of the Month 

Winners of the 'Prize of the Month' will each receive a MasterCard giftcard of 500 € and an official certificate.

Prize of the Year

Winners of the 'Prize of the Year' will each receive a MasterCard giftcard of 1 000 € and an official certificate.