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MACtac Presentation


At MACtac, we have a passion for what we do, for our industry, for innovation and for our contact with customers. Men and women have lived the remarkable adventure of MACtac since 1959 and we are proud to be now a leader of the pressure sensitive industry. That success was achieved not only by our talented staff but also thanks to our dedicated customers serving the industry in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa. Through the years innovation has always driven our business. We understand our customers' needs and apply our technology expertise to develop products that meet and exceed those needs. New products, new applications and partnerships with new customers are part of MACtac's everyday business. With the development of the global economy, new opportunities open up every day that we are eager to seize with fresh inspirations, new talents and an ongoing enthusiasm for customer relationships.


Since its foundation 50 years ago, MACtac has always been driven by innovation. The easy-to-crack Starliner backing paper for offset printing sheets, the unique built-in UV protection of the Permacolor adhesive overlaminating fi lm for photographs and the famous UV detectable adhesive for safe pharmaceuticals labelling are just a few examples of MACtac's past innovations. Today our labs are pioneering the top coating technology to add value to our face stocks and adhesives by giving them unique functional properties which will revolutionize the future of our industry. Our business development people are also playing a key role to discover the future needs of our customers in a wide array or markets including health protection, safety, easy cleaning and movie projection. Innovation is and will remain the corner stone of MACtac's success.

MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE With a commitment to safety

MACtac is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. It is our goal to meet the highest safety standards in all of our endeavours to ensure safety for our employees. Employees at every level of the Company are expected to maintain a pro-active, conscientious attitude towards issues of health and safety, to accept responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of those with whom they work.


MACtac views environmental responsibility as an integral part of good corporate citizenship. In all our products we strive to use environmentally responsible materials. MACtac has already obtained the PEFC* and/or FSC* certificate. Today the Company also operates manufacturing facilities in the USA, in Mexico and in Belgium. On top of the American and European industrial facilities, MACtac operates from fully owned subsidiaries in the largest European countries, in Singapore and in Shanghai. To remain close to its customers and serve them efficiently, MACtac has developed a strong partnership with specialized professional distributors in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania and Asia. They are able to deliver the products and also to advise customers according to their specific needs.


As a dominant player in the MARKING FILM market MACtac has developed one of the largest range of highly performing products for signage, decoration and safety. Glass- Movie films for cost effective rear projection on shop windows and glass boards and Glass Decor fi lms for architectural decorative graphics are part of the latest MACmark innovations. IMAGin for digital printing now proposes designers to dress the walls and the streets with digital graphics to be applied directly on brickwork and concrete. PERMACOLOR and IMAGin protective films allow unique decorative effects thanks to astonishing finishes. MACscreen proposes new environmentally friendly constructions to screen printers.

Architectural glass, furniture, floors, walls, backlit surfaces, ceilings, exhibitions and even building fronts can be decorated with plain vinyl, plotter cut or digitally printed graphics with personalized design. Interior Designer's talents and MACtac Concept specific product range are combined to open new avenues for creative design and special effects.


MACtac's innovative papers, films, adhesives and liners have brought state of the art technology to ROLL LABEL printing. Backed by the BEMIS plastics technology expertise MACtac has developed a unique cost-effective proprietary fi lm for a wide range of applications. On top of our biodegradable paper construction, environmentally friendly paper face stocks (100 % FSC certified and made of 60 % recycled fi bers) coated with water-born adhesive contribute to the protection of the environment by producing 20 % less CO2 emissions


The world of the MACtac technical tape applications is infinite : automotive industry, furniture industry, electronic components, building industry, packaging, medical device and many more. New creative solutions are regularly developed such as solar films to limit solar gain and bring signifi cant heating savings, flying glass and scratch protection films and stone chip protection fi lms for the automotive industry.


Self-adhesive products are more than just face stocks and adhesives. MACtac R & D experts have created unique added value through the top coating technology such as new antibacterial, easy-to-clean and odour absorption properties have been added to our filmic constructions. They are being used by a large number of industries like medical premises, hotels, restaurants, toilets, garbage rooms, kitchens and the food industry, wherever microbial contamination, bad smells and dirtiness are to be avoided. Antigraffi ti and scratchmask films are also being used in private and public transportation, on building fronts and public places. Many more new properties and applications are being de veloped to bring more safety and more comfort to our environment.